The ICON 40 Chair Design Story

by adm1n1strator, October 17, 2017

ICS Furnishers have been at the forefront of bespoke church furniture design, having developed innovative pieces of furniture many times in the past, such as the Christ Church Chair, The Harrogate Bench and The Knock Seat just to name a few.

However, the ICS Furnishers team are very ambitious and wanted to challenge themselves to design and develop a chair for the future. A superior innovation that is modern, sleek, but has both comfort and quality in equal measures. A chair that ticks all the boxes and is in a league of its own.

ICS Furnishers decided to approach the design stage of this project differently by not thinking about seating, but rather to focus their attention on the act of sitting. And by doing so they honed-in on their design creativity from the perspective of those who will ultimately be using the chair, the end user.

Taking their combined years of knowledge and experience, the ICS Furnishers team put together a list of requirements that the chair needed to satisfy.

  • Superior Comfort
  • Quality Construction
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Innovative Design

The ICS Furnishers team then brainstormed the design elements that would satisfy each of the key features of this superior chair and designed and developed the ICON 40 Chair. This metal frame chair has been designed with comfort in mind using a three-dimensional formed seat and back components. This chair is in tune with every movement and stays balanced, centered and supportive with every twist and movement providing superior comfort over a wider spectrum of users.

And how do they know this we might hear you say? The ICS Furnishers team, extended family, and friends thoroughly tested this chair and can testify that this chair is one of their most comfortable yet!

ICON 40 Chair

Constructed using an innovative continuous frame gives this chair additional strength and rigidity adding to the overall quality of this product. The solid steel used in the overall frame ensures greater strength at the welded junctions.

The metal element was introduced to give the chair strength, durability that is functional and lightweight at the same time. The innovative design allows for the chair to be stacked up to 40 chairs high, hence the idea for the name, ICON 40, allowing for easy transport and maximising storage space.

This innovative seat can be introduced to any building both modern or traditional as well as offices and hotels that are looking for a sleek modern seat that offers a winning combination of comfort, flexibility, and visual appeal.


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