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Selection of major projects in Ireland and UK

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Free Presbyterian Church Coleraine

Mainstreet Presbyterian Church Garvagh, Coleriane.

Interior images of curved seating by ICS in Lund Sweden

St. Thomas av Aquino, Lund, Sweden

Christ Church Downend Bristol

Christ Church Downend, Bristol UK

After full Pew Restoration and Kneeler Reconiditioning by ICS

Barefield, Co. Clare, Ireland


Thornhill Crematorium Cardiff UK

Dardistown Cemetery - Wejchert Architects

Dardistown Crematorium, Dublin


St. Marys’ Church Maidenhead, UK


St Patricks’ Church, Donaghmore, Ireland

Armagh Free Presbyterian Pews benches middle aisle bespoke engravings sanctuary

Armagh Free Presbytarian Church

Chadderton Bench Communion Rail sanctuary furniture bespoke woodwork and craft

St Matthew’s Chadderton, UK

Oxshott lectern wooden chairs bespoke arms design sanctuary furniture baptismal font

St Andrew’s Church, Oxshott, UK

Cuckfield chairs children's play area nave cushions engravings cut outs (3)

Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield, UK

Sligo Cathedral Baptistery wide formes bespoke craft woodwork furniture landscape

Sligo Cathedral, Sligo

Innovative Bench Design in St. Mark's Church, Harrogate

St Mark’s Church, Harrogate, UK

Stanborough Park pews benches blue upholstered book shelf landscape

Stanborough Park Church, UK

St Patrick's Cathedral metal frame chairs bespoke in the nave of the cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Finchemstead Landscape Pews bespoke engraved book shelves baptismal font (2)

St James’ Church, Finchampstead, UK

Knock Basilica St Mel's pews kneelers engravings upholstered wooden bespoke design

St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford

Horsham landscape church view pews kneelers engravings bespoke front

St John the Evangelist Church, Horsham, UK

Farncombe Stacking Bench view up the central aisle of church cushion bespoke

St John’s Church, Farncombe, UK

Knock Basilica Sanctuary chairs furniture red upholstered shrine bespoke

Knock Basilica

Kirtlington wooden upholstered chairs engravings cut out

St Mary’s, Kirtlington, UK

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