Church Benches

ICS Furnishers have designed and manufactured hundreds of pews and church benches design. We produce three categories: traditional, modern, and curved – to match and complement the architectural styles and spaces of places of worship.

Traditional Church Benches

Our traditional church pews are always bespoke-designed to sit comfortably and harmoniously in the traditional or historic setting they’re intended for. For example, gothic-styled pew ends (pointed arches) suit a gothic-style building.

Our church benches/pews have one big advantage over older ones: they are ergonomically designed to give extra support and comfort.

Modern Church Benches & Pews

Our modern pews can be used in both traditional and modern buildings. From a design point of view, they can have simple lines so that they don’t distract from the beauty of the building they occupy.

We have supplied modern pews to churches in the UK; St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow and St Ann’s Cathedral, Leeds.

Curved Church Benches & Pews

We design and manufacture curved pews with the exact concentric radius to fit the intended space.

Curved seating is a beautiful design feature that complements a building’s architecture and also creates the effect of a congregation being ‘arms’ encircling the ‘heart’ of a sanctuary.


We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have to discuss your requirements.