Thornhill Crematorium Cardiff

Thornhill Crematorium Cardiff, UK

Project Details

Location: Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff

Thornhill Crematorium was opened in 1953 and occupies a 40-acre site as part of the Thornhill Cemetery. 


The seating in the crematorium needed to be upgraded and the interior designer was looking to maximise the space by using benches as opposed to seats.


ICS Furnishers solution

  • To cater for the needs of the client ICS set to work designing a bench to maximise seating capacity of 160 people.
  •  The bench was designed with a contemporary gable end, upholstered seat and back and an ergonomic seat design making for a very comfortable seat.
  •  We also designed free standing removable frontals to allow the space to be re organised when required.

Client: Cardiff Council for Thornhill Crematorium


Bespoke bench design

Bespoke free standing frontals.






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