St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Project Details

Location: St Patrick’s Cathedral, St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8, Ireland

The National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, dating from 1220-1259. The most famous office-holder was Dean Jonathan Swift.


St Patrick’s Cathedral needed a variety of new furniture that would harmonise with the existing furniture and architectural setting, as well restoration of the lectern.

ICS solution

  • Lady Chapel bespoke altars that echo the gothic architectural detail and the ceiling above
  • Upholstered and metal-frame chairs
  • Restoration of the lectern
  • Design of new table
  • Music stand for the music director
  • Design and manufacture of new music library
  • For the cathedral’s education centre, modern educational tools were incorporated in a sympathetic manner so as to sit comfortably within such an iconic building.

Client: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin


Metal Frame Chairs,
Education Area


John Beauchamp, Benjamin and Beauchamp Architect




Completed Project

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“Over the years we have developed an excellent partnership with Irish Contract Seating. As the National Cathedral for the Church of Ireland we are delighted to recommend this excellent Irish firm. The quality of their work has always been of the very highest and their furniture and bespoke joinery has been an excellent complement to what is a national monument of great antiquity and beauty and a flourishing place of worship.”

Gavan Woods, Cathedral Administrator

St Patricks Dublin


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