St John’s Church, Farncombe

St John’s Church, Farncombe

Project Details

Location: St John’s Street, Farncombe, Godalming GU7 3EJ, United Kingdom

A traditional village church, consecrated in 1849


  • In 2012 the church underwent a major refurbishment and put in a new single-level wooden floor, modern wooden seating, and new lighting.
  • The old benches were large and impractical, as well as worn, scratched and damaged.

ICS solution

  • We designed our Farncombe Bench and matching wooden oak chairs to cater for the church’s needs.
  • The result is a more versatile and open space with much more aesthetically pleasing furniture that complements the church’s architecture.

ClientSt John’s Church, Farncombe








Completed Project

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“Our church underwent a major refurbishment in 2012 and we decided that the quality ICS could provide was what we wanted. They showed that they had an instinctive understanding for the aesthetics of the building and the needs of the congregation, and designed furniture for us which was both practical and attractive. ICS were friendly and helpful and always responded well to our queries. We were very pleased with the result.”

James Rattue, Rector

St John’s Parish Church, Farncombe

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