St. Joseph’s Redemptorists Church, Dundalk, Ireland

          St. Joseph’s Redemptorists Church

Project Details

Location: Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

Built in 1892 the Church of St Joseph is a stunning building built from granite and its interior features coloured with marble and intricate mosaics.

ICS undertook the refurbishment of almost 100 pews. Each pew was broken down, stripped back, sanded and then refinished. The quality of the beautiful wood in these original pews was able to once again come through. New kneelers were also added.

In addition to this ICS designed and manufactured storage units in the entrance of the church.  These units were designed not only to hold literature and news letters but to also house their donations. Brass fronting highlights where the envelopes and cash donations go. A built in safe also enables the safe storage of these donations.

The unit also cleverly houses the churches contactless payment screen in a tasteful manor ensuring that technology sits well  in with what is a very traditional space.

The churches remembrance board also needed to be updated. A reproduction panel was created in the same colour, engraving style and gold lettering.



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“ICS have looked after us very well. The design of the furniture was crucial to the whole project and Gavin took the time to understand our needs and design and deliver the right product for us.  Before production samples were made and brought to us, which was very helpful as we realised our design on the choir seating needed to be adjusted – which was done without any fuss or problem.  I can (and often do when visitors comment on our church) recommend ICS to anyone looking to replace their furniture.  Quality products, bespoke design, and good care of customers – I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Revd David Penny, Vicar

St. Matthew and St. Luke, Chadderton


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