Christ Church Downend Bristol UK

Christ Church, Downend,Bristol UK

Project Details

Location: Downend Bristol, UK

“The problem was the church was a poorly lit and run-down Victorian building with little flexibility about how its spaces could be used. It needed a complete revamp – but without losing its soul and its role as the heart of the parish community”

Builder: Hart Design and Construction


The seating in the newly refurbished church needed to be flexible to accommodation different groups and their range of needs. They also needed a chair that was compact and could be easily stored when not in use.


ICS Furnishers solution

  • ICS Furniture proposed the ICON 40 chair. This chair can be stacked 40 high, can link in both straight and curved formations and comes with optional accessories such as bookshelves and dollies which can also be stacked to reduce storage space.

Photo credit: Hart Construction and Design

Client: Christ Church Downend, Bristol, UK


ICON 40 Stackable Chair

Architects: MEB Architects 

Christ Church Downend Bristol

Church Exterior

The ICON 40 Chair


The ICON 40 in Christ Church Downend


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“On every occasion we have found that ICS do all their work thoroughly, professionally, confidently and efficiently. No shortcuts are ever taken either in the materials used or the work that is carried out.”

Rev David McMillan,

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