Over 2,800 Church Projects Completed to Date

by adm1n1strator, November 29, 2016

Founded 44 years ago, ICS Church Furnisher’s are now recognised as the leading church furniture manufacturers in Ireland and have since expanded to overseas markets in the UK, USA and Australia. They are currently expanding their reach and hoping to further develop their relationship with the churches in the UK.

Our in- depth of knowledge, personal approach and customer support has resulted in the completion of over 2,800 projects which include some of the most iconic and prestigious churches and cathedrals such as St Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin, St Patrick’s Cathedral New York, Leeds Cathedral, St Andrew’s Cathedral Glasgow and many, many more. For more about our featured projects click here.


Now stepping into the what will hopefully be another successful 44 years, ICS Church Furnisher are taking the necessary actions to adapt to the modern business world and keep up with the latest technologies. Case in point, a modern contemporary website which showcases ICS Church Furnisher’s rich history, versatile range of premium church furniture and a gallery of images to portray and reinforce claims.

Take a look around our portfolio of work and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us today!

About ICS Church Furnisher: ICS Church Furnisher is a family owned, church furnishing company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing church furniture since 1972. From traditional pews to modern upholstered benches, altar furniture to doors and screens, architectural joinery and project management. ICS Church Furnisher are undoubtedly masters of their craft.