Full restoration service to rejuvenate your old furniture.

Church Furniture Restoration

ICS also provides refinishing, repairing and reupholstering services for pews and other church furniture. We take great care to respect and faithfully reproduce the exact details of the original design. If your church furniture looks tired and worn, or has slight cracks or separations at the joints of the wood, we can revitalise it through refinishing and reupholstery for much less than the cost of new furniture.

We can carry out both stripping and refinishing of furniture, or a complete renovation.

Our church furniture restoration services include:

  • Restoration of pews or benches, altar furniture, etc
  • Restoration of historic pew ends – a good option for churches that want to add the comfort and strength of a new set of pews while conserving the style of their original pews
  • Recreation or design of high altars or other custom church furniture to match existing furnishings – with detailed recreation of hand carvings, if required

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Refinish, Reupholster or Replace?

When old church furniture starts looking worn out and shabby, church administrators and committees have to decide whether to refinish and reupholster, or completely replace. Take church pews, for example. If the wood and the fabric are a little worn and stained, but the pew structure is still in good shape, on-site reupholstery, with the addition of high-density foam, and refinishing of the wood parts may suffice.

The refinishing of the wood parts could include cleaning, light sanding, staining and the application of a clear, hard finish. If the church pews are in a more serious state of disrepair, with cracked or broken legs and areas worn down to bare wood, the pews would need to be refinished and reupholstered in our workshop. In such a case, wood parts would be repaired, stripped, sanded and stained, a protective sealer sprayed on, and new foam and fabric installed. The pews would then be returned to the church and installed in their original positions.

Whatever you require, we can visit your place of worship and inspect the furniture to review your needs and requirements. We can then advise you on the best solution to suit the state of your furniture and your budget.

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We have a vast selection of 1,200 fabrics including tweeds and moquettes, leathers and dralons, from which to choose. We can bring upholstery presses to your church and do the work there, or, if you prefer, carry out the work at our factory.

We use strong, stain-resistant fabric that is suitable for church furniture, while the foam we use is top-grade and ensures comfort and durability.

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“Our church underwent a major refurbishment in 2012 and we decided that the quality ICS could provide was what we wanted. They showed that they had an instinctive understanding for the aesthetics of the building and the needs of the congregation, and designed furniture for us which was both practical and attractive.

“ICS were friendly and helpful and always responded well to our queries. We were very pleased with the result.”

Rev James Rattue, Rector
St John’s Parish Church, Farncombe, Surrey


We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have to discuss your requirements.