ICON 40 chair features in award winning project by Hart Design & Construction and MEB Architects.

by Martha, October 25, 2019

The team at ICS Furniture would like to congratulate Hart Design and Construction and MEB Architects for their recent award. The award was granted by Bristol DAC in September 2019 for Recognising Exceptional Church Project 

The award winning project was for Christ Church Downend in Bristol. The church congregation wanted to see the church opened up and used for concerts, events and other community activities .This large refurbishment project included the removal of pews and levelling of floors throughout as well as new lighting and sound systems.

Removable seating was required to provide the flexible space that the congregation wanted and so they chose to replace their pews with the ICON 40 chair by ICS Furniture. The ICON 40 chair has flexibility at the core of its design. This chair can be stacked 40 high and can link in both straight and curved formations. The stackable trolley system allows for easy transportation of the chair in and out of rooms when required.

Check out the ICON 40 chair for yourself by clicking on the video below or downloading our brochure. 

Photo Credit: Hart Design and Construction 

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