How to Choose the Correct Church Furniture

by adm1n1strator, April 1, 2024

How to Choose the Correct Church Furniture 

At ICS Furniture, we have over 50 years of experience helping customers choose the correct church furniture for their place of worship. From bespoke church furniture to traditional pews and stackable chairs, we guide them through the process of picking the best church furnishings.  

 It’s not a simple process, of course, as furniture for churches is often dictated by the existing church interior whether historic and traditional or contemporary style.  That being said, there are steps you can take to ensure you’ve covered all the bases when selecting new furniture. 


Assess Your Needs 

So, what liturgical furnishings do you need?  

What is it about your current furniture that you wish to change?  

How would you like your furniture to function within the space? 

How will the space be used? 


It’s important that you assess all these questions from the outset. Otherwise, you might buy church pews only to discover that it is in fact church chairs that you need.  

 When deciding, think too about what stain, fabric, cushion, and general design would best suit your church setting. If, for instance, the church caters for small groups during the week and large groups on weekends, you might consider stackable church chairs (wooden church chairs or metal frame church chairs). These will help manage space giving your church a dynamic that your congregation will appreciate.  

 Church pews are another great option in that you can maximise capacity with the space at hand. New more ergonomic designs mean that Pews are far more comfortable than in years gone by. Pews our designed specifically to suit the architecture of the building be it Gothic or Romanesque in style. With our bespoke church furniture, you can have your own unique design brought to life. 



Plan for the Future 

 When purchasing church furniture or undertaking a larger church renovation, it’s important to think about the future.  

 For instance, is your congregation growing? Will your church hope to accommodate various other events and groups within the same space? Is the entire interior in need of renovations and upgrades?  

 This may seem like a daunting task; however, these are important questions that together we can formulate into an overall design concept. Getting the planning and design stage right will ensure you create a space that your congregation and the wider community will enjoy for years to come.  


For more on planning ahead, check out the range of specialist services ICS Furniture offers. 



Choose Your Church Furniture 

 Whilst we’ve already mentioned our stackable church chairs and church pews, ICS provide more than just church seating. Over the last 50 years we have developed a deep understanding of everything to so with furnishing churches, sanctuaries and cathedrals. So, as you consider your renovations, be sure to ask about other bespoke furniture such as: 


  • Church seating 
  • Stackable Benches and pews 
  • Altar furniture 
  • Sacristy furniture 
  • Baptismal fonts
  • Lecterns and Pulpits  
  • Candelabras 
  • Sound desks 
  • Noticeboards 
  • Radiator covers 
  • Statue stands
  • Tables 


At ICS Furniture, we design and manufacture a range of superbly crafted, practical, comfortable, and durable furniture for places of worship, including all of the above. We also have upwards of 1,200 fabrics to choose from, from tweeds and moquette’s to leathers and dralons. So, whatever church furniture you need, ICS Furniture has you covered.  


ICS Furniture Can Help You Choose the Correct Church Furniture 


If you are refurnishing a church interior, ICS Furniture is more than happy to help.  

 Our team will project manage the entire process whilst ensuring the planning and design is done in coordination with your wants and needs. 

 For more on products and services that take the stress out of your refurbishment, contact ICS Furniture today.