Church Seats and Church Pews: What are Your Options?

by adm1n1strator, May 2, 2024

Church Seats and Church Pews: What are Your Options?

Buying furniture for churches is often a once in a lifetime purchase and so with that in mind, this can often make the decision-making process a long and difficult one.

From alter furniture to seating, those responsible for sourcing furniture often face a daunting task. This is especially true of seating as the options are many, although it certainly helps to enlist an experienced church furniture specialist to guide you through the purchasing process.

At ICS Furniture, we have over 50 years of experience helping customers choose the correct church furniture. We want to help you too, so to give you a better understanding of what church seating options are available, we’ve put together this concise article on church chairs and church pews.


The Case for Church Chairs

A question we often receive is: “Are chairs better than pews?” And each time we tell the customer that it depends on their unique needs.

For instance, if your church is used for events and gatherings other than traditional services, stackable church chairs might be for you. Chairs are flexible and are easy to move around. There are also a range of chair styles available from traditional  wooden framed chairs or metal framed chairs. The other benefit of chairs is the level of comfort and support they provide to the more mature members of the congregation. Armed chairs also provide assistance to those who may need additional support when sitting down or standing up.

It’s often hard to however to move away from tradition, and many churchgoers simply prefer the old-fashioned, handcrafted, and traditional look and feel of pews. Whilst chairs are easy to move around, pews still offer a classic aesthetic and can often provide more capacity of seating in comparison to chairs.  The continuous movement of chairs can lead to ware and tear and for that reason, chairs also require restoration in time.


The Case for Church Pews

When people envisage a liturgical space they often picture church benches and pews. That’s because they have been the main church seat for centuries. But does that mean they’re the best option?

Well, again, it all comes down to what your church needs. On the pro side, pews are closely associated with churches and for that reason add an element of sentimentality and comfort. Worshippers can sit close to one another, have a chat, and feel a sense of community. At the same time, they can spread out and find their own peace. But how long do church pews last? With their sturdy build, pews offer a longer lifespan, are less prone to wear and tear than an upholstered seat might be, and are available straight or curved. In fact ICS are one of the only remaining companies in Europe who still manufacture curved benches

Where pews are sometimes found unsuitable is in their lack of movability. So, once they’re in place, they’re often there to stay. Churches pews also take up a considerable amount of space and can prove less comfortable than chairs.


 Need Help Choosing Seating for Churches?


If you want to buy church pews or new church chairs, ICS Furniture can help.

Our team of experts will project manage the entire process whilst ensuring the planning and design considers your needs and the church interior more broadly. For more on our products and services, contact ICS Furniture today.