Church Furnishings: How Great Furniture Can Elevate Places of Worship

by adm1n1strator, July 4, 2024

Places of worship cater to groups of various sizes several times a week. From daily and weekly services to weddings and choirs, churches are often the multifunctional epicentre of a community. That’s why the right church furniture is so important.  

Choosing liturgical furnishings that bring comfort and a sense of belonging to worshippers is essential. But so too is choosing furniture your congregation can enjoy for the long-term. That might include bespoke church furniture designed to meet your unique vision. But what exactly are we talking about when we say, “liturgical furnishings” and why is it so important to get right? 

What are the Liturgical Furnishings in a Church? 

Liturgical furniture, which simply refers to furniture in a place of worship, can include anything from church benches and pews to altar furniture and choir stalls.

At present, you might be fitting out a church for the first time and, for instance, planning to buy church pews. If so, professional church furniture manufacturers will guide you to decide what style, design, wood and finish would best fit into the overall interior. Think of church pews as part of the whole.

You might also be looking to replace old furniture. In this instance, the process is the same but this time you have more knowledge of what worked or didn’t work in the space. Choosing church furniture that you see bringing comfort to your congregation as well as functioning correctly is an important investment. Choosing furniture that will serve you long into the future is key to avoiding further changes down the line.

It may also be the case that you do not wish to replace your furniture. Breathing new life into furniture by professional restoration can transform church furniture back to its former glory. For many, your existing furniture may hold historical and sentimental value and be made from beautiful old solid wood. Careful restoration will ensure that the furniture will be there for another generation to use and enjoy.

Here’s an example of the furniture ICS Church Furnishers supplies:

  • Church chairs
  • Church benches and pews
  • Modular church seating
  • Baptismal fonts
  • Sanctuary/Altar Furniture
  • Presiders Chairs
  • Candelabras
  • Credence/ Communion tables
  • Server Stools
  • Statue Stands

Among the furniture we design and deliver, we’re often asked to provide new church pews. Using them as an example, let’s delve a little deeper into church furniture as a whole.

How Long Do Church Pews Last? 

When you buy church pews from an established, experienced church furnishings provider, you can rest assured your pews will last for decades to come. In fact, it’s generally accepted that well-constructed church pews built of good material can last over 100 years.  

The same goes for your other church furniture, too. Of course, there are other factors at play, such as the conditions within the church, the amount of use and movement the furniture endures, and how well the furniture is maintained. This is often as simple as ensuring the temperatures are regulated, that the furniture isn’t roughly handled and that they’re cleaned with the correct cleaning products.  

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Why are Church Furnishings so Important?

All church furniture plays a vital role within the church for both the congregation and clergy. The right furniture can enhance the space and bring people together fostering a feeling of community. It can help people towards a more significant spiritual experience and create a sense of welcomeness and safety.

Symbolically, church furniture should align with the church’s faith and values and can be complemented by religious motifs crosses, etc. Depending on the type of seating you choose whether it’s pews for a service or stackable chairs for group meetings, furniture enhances dynamics and creates harmony. This also helps with accessibility and inclusivity.

All in all, church furniture is one of many important components that help make up the fabric of a church or place of worship.

Elevate Your Place of Worship Today

Sourcing new church furniture can be a long process, so it’s important to have experts on your side.

With over 50 years of experience helping customers redesign and refurbish their church furniture, ICS Furniture can help you, too. Our extensive range of furniture for churches can be made to your specifications, meaning you really can create a church interior that is unique to you. For more information on our bespoke church furniture, contact ICS Furniture today.