We employed a business development manager to identify the route to market in locations that have shown interest in our products organically. These markets include Australia, USA and most recently France. We also wanted to introduce some of our new products into commercial market sector within the UK which we have already identified as suitable.


The Manager commenced employment in August 2018. In that time, we engaged with Enterprise Ireland for international Markets week. We were assigned representatives for Italy, America and Australia.

In Feb 2019 we attended a large international event called Koine which is specifically for church goods and it attracts visitors from across Europe. There we had the opportunity to showcase our products and services to a brand-new market. 

An investment in Google adverts targeting the Markets outlined above has just been completed and we are reviewing the reports to ascertain if this channel can work for us.

ICS launched 2 new chair designs in the Irish and UK Markets and have commenced advertising and marketing to Irish and UK Architects. Brochures and Video marketing material have been produced and we are attending the Architecture Expo in the RDS in October to showcase the company’s architectural joinery and contract furnishing skills to this market.

We have completed 3 international projects this year in Rome, Washington and Sweden and we continue to work on the marketing and promotion of these projects as well as developing deeper relationships with those architects and groups that we worked along side for these projects.

New marketing material continues to be developed in various languages and we are updating older brochures with new project details.

Our sales from the UK continue to be strong and we have a number of enquiries for seating from our new range of chairs just released.